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(Note : A user can transliterate up to 100 words per transaction. Any results that wrongly transliterate can be updated by clicking the result and a tooltip will be appear to edit.)

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User Manual


Enter the text boxes. Click the Translate button to get the conversion to the Jawi script.

If you do not have ADD-ON Jawi keyboard, please download at Download page (adding the key for the row. You only need to press the CTRL + ALT + key symbol of the line. SHIFT to change the Jawi alphabet / Arabic. The number was changed to Arabic numerals. Roman numerals you can use the keypad). Installation Manual can be viewed here.

Font (type of paper) that support this format ejawi Tahoma, Microsoft Sans Serif, Arabic typesetting. Fonts Arial and Times New Roman, only those who are using Windows XP SP2 are supported. You can also download the font that is available here ARABIC typesetting. Font ARIAL ARIAL nasakh JAWI and used previously terminated due to a bug found in some letters. All fonts can only be used for personal and educational purposes only.

Jawi Virtual Keyboard available if your computer does not 'Arabic Enable'.

We are not responsible for any effects due to the use of this web application. Please read the TERMS and CONDITIONS of use before using Ejawi Converter.

Virtual Keyboard

Jawi Editor lets you write directly without using a physical keyboard. It was built-in and may continue to appear in the text of the translation editor.

It lets you edit any of the translation without opening another editor.

The application also allows you to type in the format of RTL (Right to Left) or LTR (Left to Right) automatically when you open a virtual keyboard and select the Jawi or Arabic keyboard.

This version you can choose whether to use Jawi or Arabic keyboard. Thus, the use of Arabic vowel, you can switch to arabic keyboard.


Techniques in transliteration

1. Character by character conversion
Shortform for Universiti Malaya (UM), you only add a plus sign (+) opposite the letter.
Example : +U +M

2. Number Conversion
Numbers have been set to Arabic numerals. In case you want to write numbers in English, just double the plus sign (+) in front of each number.
Example : ++1 ++2 ++3

3. Arabic Word Combination
Arabic words containing ABDUL and AIDIL and the like, please combine them without any space in between the words.
Update : Words like Al, Abdul, Aidil and so on will be automatically combined.

4. Based on Malay Language Phonetic
This Jawi Converter is based on the phonetic of the Malay language. The conversion of foreign languages to Jawi, other than the Malay Language (Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Southern Thai), are not accurate.
Example : Letter of C.

5. Mixing of Latin (UPPERCASE) with Jawi Text
Add 2 asterisks/stars (**) in front of each character that you want to maintain in its Latin equivalent.
Example : **U**N**I**M**A**S = UNIMAS.

6. Mixing of Latin (lowercase) with Jawi
Add a star (*) in front of each letter that you want to maintain in Latin.
Example : *e*j*a*w*i.*n*e*t =

7. Since Ejawi Converter will only convert Romanised Malay (Latin) characters to jawi, any jawi included within the Latin text will remain the same as earlier typed in.