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Ejawi Transliteration Software Online

Rumi (Romanised Malay) / Roman Alphabet to Old Malay Script (Jawi) Online Transliteration

Ejawi Transliteration software online is an input method editor which allows users to enter roman malay text and it will transliterate to jawi script based on arabic alphabet character.

User Guide :

  1. Type any Malay Language text inside the text "sandbox", provided on the upper right side of this web page. Click the "Convert" button to convert the text to its jawi script equivalent.
  2. Standard fonts that support Jawi alphabet include Tahoma, Microsoft Sans Serif and Arabic Typesetting. Jawi script is also supported by Arial and Times New Roman fonts that come together with Windows XP SP2 and Vista. In addition, we also provide ARIAL JAWI, ARIAL NASAKH and ARABIC TYPESETTING. However, all these fonts can only be used for personal and educational purposes only.
  3. We also provide Virtual Jawi Keyboard to assist you in typing your texts in jawi, in case your computer is not 'Arabic Enabled'. Click here
  4. Ejawi.net holds no responsibility for inaccuracies arising from the use of this applicatio. Please read the Terms and Conditions of our services before using Ejawi Converter™

Built-in Jawi Editor :

  1. Jawi Editor allows you to write jawi without the use of a real keyboard. It's provided with built-in ejawi keyboard whereby any selected character is instantly previewed in the sandbox area.
  2. It also allows you to proofread anything that is produced by the Online Converter Application without the need to open other editing software.
  3. This editor support Bi-directional writing and can be switched to either RTL (Right to Left) or LTR (Left to Right). This is enabled by just clicking on the checkbox beside the Built-in Jawi Editor.
  4. The ejawi keyboard also supports 'tanda baris' (Arabic diacritics that show vowels and other Quranic recitation markings).

Tips and Techniques Ejawi Conversion :

  1. Character by character conversion
    Shortform for Universiti Malaya (UM), you only add a plus sign (+) opposite the letter.
    Example : +U +M
  2. Number Conversion
    Numbers have been set to Arabic numerals. In case you want to write numbers in English, just double the plus sign (+) in front of each number.
    Example : ++1 ++2 ++3
  3. Arabic Word Combination
    Arabic words containing ABDUL and AIDIL and the like, please combine them without any space in between the words.
    Update : Words like Al, Abdul, Aidil and so on will be automatically combined.
  4. Based on Malay Language Phonetic
    This Jawi Script Converter is based on the phonetic spelling of the Malay language. The conversion of foreign languages to Jawi script, other than the Malay Language (Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Southern Thai), are not accurate.
    Example : Letter of C.
  5. Mixing of Latin alphabet (UPPERCASE) with Jawi Text
    Add 2 asterisks/stars (**) in front of each character that you want to maintain in its Latin alphabet equivalent.
    For example : **U**N**I**M**A**S = UNIMAS.
  6. Mixing of Latin alphabet (lowercase) with Jawi script
    Add a star (*) in front of each letter that you want to maintain in Latin alphabet.
    For example : *e*j*a*w*i.*n*e*t = ejawi.net.
  7. Since Ejawi Transliteration Converter will only convert Romanised Malay Alphabet (Latin) characters to jawi script, any jawi script included within the Latin text will remain the same as earlier typed in.
  8. This approach is similarly implemented in the EJAWI FORUM COMMUNITY.
  9. Words that have their origin in Arabic Language, may not be converted accurately as expected since the phonetic rule of the Arabic language is not the same as that of the Malay language. To have an accurate rumi-jawi transliteration, the spelling of adopted Arabic words must have the exact form of the Arabic spelling. Examples: bismillahirrahmanirrahim, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

credit to Shah (abah_iman [at] yahoo.com) :)

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